The Jeffrey Sinclair Controversy

Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair, a highly-decorated combat veteran of two wars and multiple other armed conflicts, will stand trial in March 2014. This website is designed to help you filter through the Army’s propaganda machine and reach your own conclusions about the case.

Here, you can access past news coverage that spans almost two years. In that time:

  • The Army has thrown away several of its initial charges, all of which buckled under the weight of evidence;
  • The general’s chief accuser has been confronted with mounds of textual evidence that contradicts her testimony;
  • The general has taken and passed two polygraph tests, while his accuser has not submitted to the same process;
  • The general’s accuser has admitted to tampering with a key piece of evidence that she produced over a year after the case began;
  • The general’s accuser has lied both to prosecutors and under oath at a pre-trial hearing about this same piece of evidence;
  • The chief Army prosecutor has shared with a senior Pentagon official his belief that the accuser was no longer a credible witness;
  • The chief Army prosecutor withdrew from the case, citing professional concerns about the credibility of the general’s accuser.

The Army wants you to place blind trust in the prosecution. This site is designed to help you draw your own conclusions. Read the coverage and decide for yourself, and follow new developments as they occur.